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Since 2005 the number of serious injury and fatal accidents has been on the rise in Lewiston. In 2008 Lewiston had the highest concentration of fatal accidents in any one township in Niagara County. These are reasons why the Lewiston Police Department began creating an accident reconstruction unit of their own. The purpose of the unit is to investigate and reconstruct accident scenes and attempt to determine the cause and contributing factors. Once an accident reconstruction report is completed, it can be used to determine if any vehicle and traffic and/or Penal Laws have been violated. Many special tools are utilized in investigating an accident, including but not limited to a Total Station (electronic measuring device), vehicle specification software and Visual Statements Diagramming Software. LPD accident reconstruction unit works in conjunction with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office on most accident scenes. This provides shared services in regards to equipment and many years of experience. As a part of the accident reconstruction team you take on great responsibility, multiple hours of ongoing schooling and integral training.

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