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Welcome to The Lewiston Police Department. Lewiston is located in Western New York bordering Niagara Falls. It also shares a border with Canada and has a international bridge located within the town. It is a very historic area and is nationally renowned for its sport fishing in the Niagara River and year round festivals. Early law enforcement here dates back to the 1800's. During that long period of time the police department has evolved to meet the needs of the community. Prior to 1996, the Town and Village of Lewiston both had police departments. It was decided that the area would better be served by consolidating these departments and providing service to both the Town and Village. This consolidation laid the groundwork for the department to grow into what it is today. The Lewiston Police Department has always been and still remains today to be an organization dedicated to the community and its residents and visitors. The department offers a variety of services and functions all of which have the safety and welfare of these individuals as our main concern.  It is a department committed to community policing and professional conduct. We are proud to serve and live in this great community and hope that you enjoy your visit with us.









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