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Officer of the Year Award - Presented to a member of the department who intelligently and in the line of police duties, distinguishes himself/herself in the performance of an act of courage involving risk of imminent serious personal injury, with knowledge of the risk, for the purpose of saving or protecting human life; or who, in the course of an extended investigation of a nature where he/she is continuously exposed to grave personal hazard, willingly accepts such risk in the service of the Lewiston Police Department; or who has performed overall in his/her area of responsibility in an outstanding manner of sufficient degree to be distinguished from others within the department.

Chief's Distinguished Service Award - An award given solely by the Chief for his personal recognition.  For any member who in the course of the performance of his duties, demonstrates outstanding service and dedication to Lewiston Police Department and the citizens of the Town and Village of Lewiston.

Chief's Medal of Valor - Awarded to a member who intelligently, in the line of duty, distinguishes themselves with an act of courage involving great risk and injury,  with knowledge of such risk and injury, for the purpose of saving or protecting human life; or for giving their life while performing such an act.

William H. Gall Memorial Award - The William H. Gall Award may be presented to any member of the Department, special Officer or citizen, who has performed or contributed the following to the Department.  An act, if intelligent and valuable to police service, demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance; or highly credible acts of police service over an extended period of time; or an intelligent act, materially contributing to a valuable accomplishment; or submission of a device or method designed to increase efficiency in the administrative or tactical procedure, which is subsequently adopted by the Department.

Meritorious Service - Awarded to a member who performs in an exceptional manner reflecting the following qualities:  Exceptional ability, initiative, motivation and exemplary citizenship or extended exceptional service over a period of time which reflects great credit upon the individual and the Lewiston Police Department.

Chief's Excellence Award - Awarded to a member for an act involving grave personal danger in the intelligent performance of duty.  Awarded to a member for an act above and beyond his/her duty. (Examples: non-radio call, viewing a felony, perseverance beyond investigations).

Chief's Good Conduct Award - Awarded to a member for satisfactory performance of their duties over a continuous five-year period.  The following actions may make a member ineligible for the award:  Demotion : for unsatisfactory performance;  Reduction or loss of pay - for unsatisfactory performance;  Suspension or disciplinary action - including monetary fines, garnishment of wages or bankruptcy.

Longevity Award - The Longevity Award recognizes years of dedicated service to the Lewiston Police Department, issued upon the completion of ten (10) years of service and each five (5) years thereafter.  Upon completion of ten (10) years of service, the Longevity Award Certificate and uniform ribbon are issued, followed by the addition of a star to the ribbon and certificate upon each succeeding five (5) years thereafter.  

Chief's Combat Cross - Awarded to a member for an act of extraordinary heroism while in personal combat with an armed adversary; or for a member sustaining an injury while in personal combat with an armed adversary.

FBI National Academy Award - Awarded to a member upon successful completion of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Academy.

Honorable Service Certificates - Awarded to: Members who have served honorably and who retire at normal retirement age according to his/her credible years of service.  Members killed in the line of duty.  Members who have served honorably and who died from natural causes or accidental injury not associated with the line of duty.  Members who resign/retire from the Lewiston Police Department after completing a minimum of 20 years of honorable and creditable service.

Firearms Awards - Pistol Expert Award: Awarded to a member for five consecutive qualifications. Pistol Master Award: Awarded to a member for ten consecutive qualifications.              

Citations - A citation may be issued to any member deserving of recognition for an act or acts not rising to or covered by a specific award.  The citation should correspond with an existing award and meet the criteria by definition.









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